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Behind the scenes, twenty-four-seven, The Salvation Army York Housing and Support Services (YHSS) extends a helping hand and heart to many of those in our community who are homeless or at the risk of being homeless. YHSS runs two of the emergency housing locations in York Region, one for youth at Sutton Youth Services since 2006 and the other for women at Belinda’s Place since 2015.

They also provide services to assist vulnerable and at-risk individuals with support in obtaining or retaining housing in York Region, which expanded to Durham Region in 2018, the latter of which has been tremendously successful with already fourteen homes in Durham alone.

What’s unique, in part, about the Durham program is that the YHSS social services team of three operate solely in the field, meeting at-risk individuals where they’re at. And the warm response and participation from local landlord partners has been amazing. What’s even more exceptional and makes this type of program sustainable is the wraparound services, life teaching, and on-hands approach YHSS takes with each client. This Housing First model makes so much sense on every level. Perhaps you saw the article that resurfaced recently on social media touting how Finland has significantly reduced homelessness in their country. They’ve used a similar approach focusing on housing first. We know it’s a large part of the solution.

Knowing the deep care and concern that exists within our community with respect to homelessness—and people wishing they could help in some way—we’ve been working on a Housing First Community Program to respond that concern.

The first sharing of this program will take place in Georgina in the coming weeks. Our goal is to educate about the needs that exist, how our Housing First program is an important part of the solution, and how you and your church, team, or company may be able to help. If you would like to attend, kindly let us know, and we’ll be sure to add you to our guest list once our scheduled presentation(s) are confirmed. Should you wish to speak with someone directly about this Salvation Army YHSS program, feel free to reach out to Business Manager, Rodney Hiscock.

Other items that may be of interest to you:

Listen to this powerful six-minute video to learn more about YHSS’ impact.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Together we can do so much!

Warmest regards and blessings,

Sheri Andrunyk

YHSS Community Advisory Council Chair, 2017 – 2020

Serving Belinda’s Place and Sutton Youth Services

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