A senior’s Success Story – A Thank-You Letter from Her Daughter: – York Housing and Support Services

York Housing & Support Services employees and volunteers work tirelessly every day to ensure no one needing assistance is turned away, regardless of their situation.  One such story was shared recently with us that reflect that commitment. 

“In 2017, my mom was at a time in her life when she was at rock-bottom: homeless, terrible health, and was unable to provide herself with the bare necessities to survive on her own. My mom is a senior and suffers from depression so I was left with limited options for help.

Consequently, I was overwhelmed and lost trying to find resources to assist her with. I contacted several shelters to find help and a roof over my mother’s head, but was constantly turned away because of my mother’s mobility issues.

Daughter helping mother with walker through garden

Until I found Belinda’s Place!

I was so grateful that Belinda’s Place (which is situated in Newmarket) provided my mom with safe shelter where she could be mobile. Her room, shelter, and shower all accommodated her walker. She received car rides directly to and from medical appointments, as well as clothing and food during her stay. My mom was welcomed and educated on many life skills as well. However, knowing my mom’s cognitive ability, lack of mobility, and her age, finding her a place to live permanently was still going to be a challenge.

I expressed (to Belinda’s Place staff) my concerns about my mom’s cognitive abilities and they in return provided an in-home test to assess her needs properly. With this assessment, it was determined that my mom needed a long-term care facility, a facility in which I did look into before (but) was told there was a 10-year waiting list and a specific process to go through. Staff at Belinda’s Place provided me with a referral for long-term care housing, and it was with this referral and assessment that my mom was fast-tracked as emergency status and is now receiving care in a nursing home.

Without Belinda’s Place, I would not have had these resources and support.  I’m also grateful that even after my mom had settled into her long-term care facility, Belinda’s Place contacted my mom to offer continued support. They were so compassionate!

Before finding Belinda’s Place, I felt as if I was at a dead-end, feeling hopeless for my mom’s future with nowhere to turn . . . I truly feel that without Belinda’s Place and staff, my mom would not be here with us today.”

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Robert Blair

– On behalf of York Housing and Support Services Communications Committee

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